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White Label Advisory Whitepaper

Get to know us and our Advisors in one of our Whitepapers.

In our free whitepaper series "WLA Spotlight" and "How to buy Consulting", we regularly present you with insights, tips & tricks as well as concrete practical examples in the procurement of consulting services and the various consulting disciplines of our affiliated consultancies.

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White Label Advisory Whitepaper

In our free white paper series "WLA Spotlight", we regularly present interested readers with specialist articles from the fields of consulting, technology, auditing and engineering. Divided into the chapters Introduction, Problem definition, Solution, Implementation examples and Concrete customer benefits, you will find out how White Label Advisory's consulting services solve specific problems for customers and which tools our consultants use. In our "How to buy Consulting" whitepapers, you can find out - specifically by industry and specialist area - what do's and don'ts we see when purchasing consulting services. Our whitepapers can be downloaded free of charge from our website. Want to find out more? Feel free to contact us or the authors of our white papers directly. We look forward to exchanging ideas and hope you enjoy reading them.

01 WLA Spotlight Whitepaper | IT-Logic | White Label Advisory | Datenschutzkonforme Webseiten | Ressource (neu)

Data protection-compliant websites | Websites and online marketing in line with GDPR and TTDSG

"The website is probably the most public part of a company. At the same time, personal data is always processed when a user visits a website. The processing of this data is regulated by the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The German data protection law called TTDSG has also been in force since 01.12.2021. It protects access to end devices such as smartphones or desktop PCs, but also to end devices such as smart home devices or network-compatible computers without a monitor and keyboard. In this white paper, you will learn how websites can be designed to comply with data protection regulations. First, I would like to explain the general problems with websites from a data protection perspective. I will then list what I consider to be the most common issues and provide you with possible solutions. Practical examples will round off the GDPR-compliant design of websites. Finally, you will receive a concise summary with recommendations."

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02 WLA Spotlight Whitepaper | GMVK | White Label Advisory | Die Zukunft des Einkaufs | Ressource (neu)

The future of purchasing | Supplier management in the area of conflict between profitability and sustainability.

"The relevance and influence of procurement on a company's success is still massively underestimated. A contributing factor to this assessment is that procurement is still measured more by what it costs than by its strategic benefits. We see purchasing as the "manager of external value creation", i.e. of more than 50% of the company's value creation. In this function, Purchasing is responsible for ensuring security of supply at optimum cost, creating additional value from suppliers and service providers, making make or buy decisions, procuring innovations to strengthen competitiveness and, last but not least, managing risk and sustainability in the supply chain. Purchasing acts as a key function here in order to achieve corporate sustainability goals. Purchasing decides how, where and what is procured. It is therefore largely responsible for ensuring that sustainable products reach the company and its customers in a sustainable way. Important levers for strengthening purchasing in this context are supplier and material group management. The reasons why this does not always work optimally and sustainably? A lack of transparency and a lack of resources."

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WLA How to Buy Consulting Whitepaper | Einkauf & Automobilindustrie

How to buy Consulting - The use of external service providers in the automotive industry and the role of purchasing

"The automotive industry is at a turning point and the role of the buyer is evolving rapidly. At a time when technological advances and sustainability are setting the agenda, buyers must not only accompany change, but proactively shape it. This white paper highlights the need for a profound strategic realignment in procurement and the importance of partnerships with external experts. We discuss how innovative purchasing practices and the integration of external consulting expertise can ensure the future viability of the automotive industry. As one of the pillars of the global economy, with an annual turnover of over €3 trillion and over 70 million vehicles sold in 2022, the automotive industry is facing unprecedented challenges and opportunities. This industry, which encompasses everything from passenger cars to commercial vehicles and motorcycles, is not only a driver of innovation, but also a reflection of global economic and technological trends."

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52 WLA How to Buy Consulting Whitepaper | Procurement & Chemical Pharma

How to buy Consulting - Navigating Procurement Transformation in the Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industries

"In the face of unparalleled challenges and opportunities driven by rapid technological advances, stringent regulatory demands, and a push towards sustainability, the procurement function within the chemical and pharmaceutical industries is undergoing a profound transformation. This Whitepaper examines the critical role of procurement leaders in these sectors, emphasizing the necessity of strategic procurement practices and the pivotal role of consultancy partnerships. It explores how leveraging specialized consulting expertise can address industry-specific challenges, enhance operational efficiency, and foster innovation, thereby ensuring the long-term resilience and success of businesses in these vital industries. Highlighting current trends, future outlooks, and best practices for engaging with consultancies, this document serves as a comprehensive guide for procurement professionals looking to navigate the evolving landscape of the chemical and pharmaceutical sectors effectively. Through strategic partnerships with consultancies, companies can not only navigate the complex challenges they face but also seize the opportunities presented by digital transformation, regulatory compliance, and sustainable practices to secure their competitive edge in a dynamic global market."

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53 WLA How to Buy Consulting Whitepaper | Procurement & Energy

How to buy Consulting - Empowering the Energy Sector: Strategic Consulting for a Sustainable Future

"As the energy sector stands at a pivotal juncture, driven by a global shift towards sustainability, renewable resources, and the challenges of integrating advanced technologies, the role of strategic consulting has become more crucial than ever. This Whitepaper delves into how procurement leaders in the energy industry can harness the power of consultancy expertise to navigate this transformative era. It outlines the significant challenges of adopting renewable energy, optimizing infrastructure, and meeting regulatory standards, highlighting the indispensable role of consultancies in driving innovation, managing effective transitions, and aligning with sustainability goals. Through an exploration of the interplay between traditional energy practices and the push for renewables, the document showcases how consultancies act as vital bridges in this transition. Offering insights into current trends, future directions, and best practices for engaging consultancy services, this Whitepaper serves as an essential resource for energy sector professionals aiming to guide their organizations towards resilience and success in a rapidly changing landscape. By leveraging strategic consultancy partnerships, energy companies can effectively confront the complexities of today's market, embracing opportunities for digital transformation and sustainable development to maintain a competitive edge in the global arena."

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WLA How to buy Consulting Whitepaper

How to buy Consulting - Purchase and Manage External Professional Services Successfully

"In a world that is constantly changing and in which companies across all industries are confronted with increasingly complex challenges, the targeted procurement and effective management of external consulting services is increasingly becoming a decisive success factor. This white paper serves as a comprehensive guide for decision makers who are faced with the task of strategically and efficiently integrating external expertise into their business processes. This white paper highlights current and future trends in the consulting market, offers practical insights into choosing the right consulting partner and explains how a successful collaboration can look like in order to best support the company's goals. With a focus on the cross-industry relevance of consulting services, the guide aims to provide decision-makers with the tools they need to significantly increase the quality, efficiency and ROI of their consulting investments. By combining proven strategies and introducing White Label Advisory's unique approach, readers are provided with a roadmap to navigate the complex consulting services market and ensure long-term business success."

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