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White Label Advisory is your wingman in the procurement of professional services. With our curated consulting portfolio, you will find the perfect expertise for your project in Gothenburg. Whether you need a strategy consultancy, IT service provider, auditor or engineering firm: we are at your side to achieve the best consulting result.

    The economic region of Gothenburg, the second largest city in Sweden and the center of the country's western economic region, has a population of around 580,000 people and covers 450 square kilometers. This dynamic region is home to over 50,000 registered companies operating in various industries. Some of the largest companies in Gothenburg are Volvo, Ericsson and AstraZeneca, underlining the region's economic strength and innovation. The Gothenburg economic region is known for its strengths in the automotive industry, life sciences, information technology and the maritime industry. The port of Gothenburg, the largest in the Nordic countries, plays a crucial role as a hub for trade and exports.

    Over the years, the Gothenburg economic region has established itself as a hotspot for research and development, with close cooperation between universities, research institutions and industry playing a key role. Chalmers University of Technology, the University of Gothenburg and numerous research institutes form the backbone of the region's scientific and technological development. In addition, the region has distinguished itself as a pioneer in the areas of sustainability and environmentally friendly technologies.

    Medium-sized consulting companies play an important role in the Gothenburg economic region by serving the needs of the many small and medium-sized enterprises that operate here. With customized services in strategy, marketing, finance and business management, they help companies develop and implement business models tailored to the region's specific challenges and opportunities. Through their knowledge of the local economy and their networks in the business community, SME consultancies are often able to offer pragmatic and efficient solutions that help companies remain competitive in a highly competitive market environment.

    The municipality of Gothenburg has also played an active role in promoting economic development by investing in infrastructure and supporting initiatives to support start-ups and promote innovation. With an unemployment rate of around 6.8% (as of 2021), the city faces challenges, including the need for skilled labor in certain industries and the integration of migrants into the labor market. Medium-sized consulting companies can provide support here through targeted personnel development, training and recruitment.

    The future of the Gothenburg economic region looks promising, with diversification of the economy and investment in research and development seen as key to continued success. The ongoing development of technologies in the fields of electromobility, artificial intelligence and renewable energy offers additional opportunities for growth and innovation. Medium-sized consulting firms will continue to play an important role in helping companies adapt to the ever-changing technological and economic trends. With a combination of local knowledge, specialized skills and an understanding of global trends, they are well positioned to serve the unique needs of the Gothenburg economic region.

    In summary, the Gothenburg economic region is a diverse and dynamic economic area with a strong industrial base, a growing technology sector and an active research and development landscape. The city offers a mix of traditional industries and innovative technology companies, and the mid-sized consulting companies play an important role in helping companies in the region achieve their goals and adapt to the ever-changing business environment. The combination of economic strength, innovation and a focus on sustainability positions Gothenburg as one of the most important economic areas in Sweden and Northern Europe. 

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