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White Label Advisory & WLW

Purchase the best Consultancies - with WLW!

Do you use WLW as a procurement solution? No problem! With White Label Advisory and WLW, you can use your existing procurement processes to purchase and manage the outstanding expertise of our curated consulting portfolio.

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Purchasing Professional Services with WLW - and White Label Advisory

Wer liefert was (WLW) is a comprehensive purchasing tool that is known as the leading B2B platform in the DACH region (Germany, Austria and Switzerland) and is operated by Wer liefert was GmbH. The platform serves as an efficient link between buyers and suppliers by offering a versatile online marketplace that shines through transparency, efficiency and user-friendliness. 

The origins of WLW date back to 1932, when it was still a printed directory of suppliers and products. Through technological change, WLW has developed into a powerful digital platform that now lists over 590,000 companies and has more than 3.7 million users per month. This makes WLW not only the largest, but also the most frequently used B2B portal in the DACH region. The platform's parent company, "Wer liefert was" GmbH, is headquartered in Hamburg, Germany, and operates branches in Berlin, Vienna and Zurich.

WLW offers a variety of features for both buyers and suppliers aimed at making the procurement process efficient and straightforward. A key feature of the platform is its comprehensive and structured database, which allows users to select from a wide range of products, services and suppliers. Users can search for specific suppliers or product categories using simple or advanced search functions. The search results are presented in a clear and structured manner to give users a quick overview and make it easy to compare providers.

In addition to the basic search function, WLW offers users the opportunity to view detailed company profiles. These contain important information such as contact details, product information, certifications, references and much more. In this way, WLW not only supports the identification of potential business partners, but also provides users with the information they need to make informed purchasing decisions.

In addition, buyers can use the WLW platform to make direct contact with suppliers. This function makes it possible to obtain individual offers, ask specific questions or simply make initial contacts. Communication between buyers and suppliers is thus considerably simplified and accelerated.

On the other hand, WLW also offers providers a wealth of opportunities. Companies can present their products and services on the platform and thus increase their reach and visibility on the market. Through targeted marketing and various advertising options, such as top listings or banner advertising, providers can improve their position on the platform and thus attract greater attention from potential customers.

WLW attaches particular importance to quality and security. This is reflected not least in the strict admission criteria for providers and the constant checking and updating of company information. This ensures that the information available on the platform is always up-to-date and reliable. In addition, WLW is ISO 9001 certified, which stands for compliance with high quality standards and continuous improvement processes.

With all these functions and features, "Wer liefert was" has developed into an indispensable purchasing tool that helps companies to work more efficiently, save costs and discover new business opportunities. It is a modern, user-friendly and effective solution that has revolutionized the B2B procurement process. By constantly evolving and adapting to changing market conditions, WLW will remain a reliable partner for companies in the DACH region and beyond.



White Label Advisory has been listed on Visable's wlw platform with its own supplier profile since summer 2020. In addition to providing an overview of the entire range of consulting, technology, auditing and engineering advisory services in the curated advisor portfolio, White Label Advisory provides transparent information about the available advisory skills and price points. The listing of White Label Advisory at wlw thus offers a unique opportunity to catalog high-quality consulting services and make them orderable online.

  • Hundreds of award-winning consulting firms - from strategy consultants to IT implementation experts
  • Seamless integration into the existing purchasing and billing processes of Visable customers
  • Full transparency on price points, consulting skills and the commissioning process for services
  • Personal support in sharpening advisory needs and RfP documents through White Label Advisory

White Label Advisory is thus Germany's largest general contractor for consulting services, which makes consulting services orderable on the wlw platform. We work exclusively with excellent medium-sized consultancies. Visable customers thus benefit from excellent consulting quality at standardized daily rates, a digital tendering and awarding process and consulting at eye level.

And it's that simple: Report your need for advice quickly and easily. Whether directly via wlw, by e-mail, telephone or our own tendering platform. Receive free quotes from various consulting service providers based on standardized rate cards. Select the offer with the best price-performance ratio. 

White Label Advisory is Germany's largest general consulting firm. With our curated consulting portfolio, you will find the perfect expertise for your project. We are always at your side to challenge your existing suppliers, identify new providers or consolidate your professional services spend.

Are you currently looking for a consultancy? Do you need a second opinion on an existing offer? Or would you simply like to get in touch with us when it comes to engaging external IT or consulting services? Feel free to contact us at any time!

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