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Code of conduct for employees & suppliers

Code of Conduct of White Label Advisory GmbH

Discover White Label Advisory's basic principles and guidelines for trusting and sustainable collaboration with employees, partners and suppliers in our CoC.

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Dear colleagues and business partners, 

ecologically and socially responsible corporate governance and integrity are integral parts of our corporate culture. We rely on the support of our employees and suppliers to implement this in our day-to-day business activities. Only by working together can we guarantee a comprehensive compliance culture. We are aware of our role model function as management.

This Code of Conduct contains a series of standards for our business activities, as well as norms and values for a good relationship with each other, as well as with customers, clients and third parties. These standards are discussed in the following chapters: a brief introduction to our activities and areas of responsibility is followed by the section "We and the market", in which we present our corporate principles. The chapter "We and our employees" then deals with our understanding of values in our dealings with one another and our idea of joint, economically successful action. The chapter "We and our customers" deals with the foundations of a successful relationship with our customers, suppliers and business partners. Finally, the chapter "We and our environment" deals with our ecological and social responsibility and the extent to which we can make a contribution to these areas of responsibility in our business activities. Finally, we thank our employees and business partners.

We expect our employees to observe the principles of ecological, social and ethical behavior and to integrate them into our corporate culture. We strive to optimize our business activities in terms of sustainability. We also expect our suppliers to contribute to this in the sense of a holistic approach. Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations at local, national and international level is a matter of course for us. We expect the same compliance with the relevant laws and standards from our employees and suppliers. Violations and indications of violations of applicable legal provisions are checked for correctness and appropriate consequences are drawn if necessary. We attach great importance to entrepreneurial freedom and trust our employees to use this freedom responsibly.

We thank you for contributing to our responsible corporate culture through your personal behavior. 

About us

We are Germany's largest general contractor for consulting services. We work exclusively with excellent medium-sized management consultancies. Our clients benefit from excellent consulting quality at standardized daily rates, a digital tendering and awarding process and consulting at eye level. In the process of providing consulting services, we ensure transparent, competence-driven, sustainable and technology-supported consulting for companies. The aim is to make employees, projects and organizations better. We realize our vision on a daily basis by placing and invoicing the best consultants at standardized conditions via our platform. 

In our day-to-day work, it is a matter of course for us to cultivate and live the values of honorable merchants and to make them the focus of our business and social activities.

We and the Market

We are aware of the responsibility we have in our dealings with business partners, suppliers and other market participants. This sense of responsibility gives rise to the following convictions, which are intended to provide employees with guidance so that they can continue to act courageously and entrepreneurially.

Lawful conduct
We are committed to observing and complying with applicable laws and regulations. This obligation naturally also applies to existing standards and values of other cultures and countries in which we operate or have other business relationships. In order to avoid the impression that gifts and invitations could provide benefits to the giver, we do not accept high-value gifts, gifts of money or financial benefits and do not grant them to representatives of other companies.

In exceptional cases, we accept and grant low-value gifts, provided they are appropriate in the circumstances and are not linked to any consideration or expectations. We reject gifts or inappropriate gifts from business partners, with the exception of low-value gifts such as promotional items and giveaways.
These convictions are firmly anchored in our understanding of values and are intended to give all our employees a clear idea of our values and obligations, enabling them to participate in the market and competition in a target-oriented manner. Corruption has no place in our values and business practices, regardless of the form it may take. The unlawful granting of benefits to third parties is prohibited throughout the company.

We advocate the comprehensive implementation of and compliance with anti-corruption laws worldwide by all companies, employees and representatives. Any violations of these principles can have consequences both for the individual and for the company itself. In addition, we comply with the guidelines on the prohibition of corruption and avoid pursuing, demanding, promoting or accepting personal benefits in connection with business activities. Business partners are also obliged to respect all intellectual property of White Label Advisory and to comply with the applicable laws. Business partners are prohibited from using White Label Advisory's intellectual property without written permission.

Representation of the company
We are aware that our behavior contributes to the positive perception and economic success of the company. It is important to us to implement the guidelines of the Code of Conduct in our day-to-day work and to ensure the successful implementation of the principles. This should help employees and managers alike to understand our standards and values, implement them in daily business processes, maintain them for the future and pursue a continuous improvement in the quality of our services and guidelines.

Free competition and antitrust law
We pursue the rules of free and undistorted competition for the benefit of all market participants. For us, it is a matter of course to ensure free competition on the market and thus to uphold the idea of global antitrust laws. We expect our business partners to only maintain business relationships with business partners whose integrity they are convinced of. We also expect them to ensure compliance with the legally applicable money laundering regulations.

Condemnation of child and forced labor
We do not tolerate child labor and do not employ young people under the respective legal minimum age. We take a clear stance against all forms of forced labor and human trafficking. 

We and our Employees

We see ourselves as a company with integrity and are committed to promoting diversity, equal opportunities and respect in all areas of our company. Our employees enjoy the highest priority in our processes, as they are the key to our economic and social success.

Health in the workplace
We are committed to ensuring safe and healthy working conditions for all employees at all times and to constantly improving them. Adjustments and changes are made after consultation and at the request of employees in regular feedback meetings and personal discussions.

Promoting diversity and equal opportunities
We are committed to promoting diversity, tolerance and equal opportunities. We take a clear stance against all forms of discrimination, regardless of gender, age, skin color, religion, ideology, sexual orientation or physical or mental disabilities. Furthermore, neither cultural, ethnic or national origin nor political or philosophical convictions are a decisive factor in our corporate policy. Our commitment to the Diversity Charter is based on these principles, as we are fully committed to representing the values of a diverse society and an inclusive working environment and want to implement them in our actions. This membership demonstrates our understanding of diversity and living diversity in society, as well as in our company, and is an important part of our understanding of values. Our corporate culture is characterized by mutual trust and respect, as well as the certainty that indications of possible violations or disregard of regulations will be dealt with internally within the company, naturally discreetly and confidentially, and sanctioned accordingly if confirmed. We define ourselves through working together and a corporate culture characterized by mutual trust and respect, which promotes joint success and strengthens the sense of community.

Fair working conditions
We offer fair and competitive working conditions. This includes remuneration packages or work instructions that at least meet or exceed local legal minimum standards. We also grant appropriate vacation entitlement and maternity leave, as well as parental leave, in accordance with legal requirements. Employees have the right and opportunity to raise and pursue concerns in a fair and confidential process. We encourage open dialog with employees and facilitate regular discussions on employee development, as well as career planning measures and thus encourage personal wishes and development processes in a close exchange with the management. To make this possible, White Label Advisory provides each employee with one working day per month to take advantage of training and development opportunities.

Transparent communication
In order to avoid a conflict between professional activities and private interests or personal relationships, we disclose circumstances that could potentially influence our business decisions to our line manager. It is essential for us that the principles of workplace health promotion, diversity, equal opportunities and tolerance are applied at all levels of our company. Fair working conditions and open communication are a matter of course for us in our dealings with our employees. Accordingly, a culture of mutual trust and respect is of the utmost importance to our self-image. 

We and our Customers

The respectful and trustworthy treatment of our customers, suppliers and business partners and the confidential data transmitted is an essential part of our business activities. Compliance with all applicable laws and regulations at local, national and international level is essential and a matter of course for us. We expect our suppliers to comply with all relevant laws and norms as well as the requirements of standards. The handling of sensitive data and content requires all employees to comply with the existing protection regulations and to actively promote compliance with them. In addition, all employees are obliged to use data and information that comes to their knowledge within the company exclusively within the permitted framework and to check whether the recipient is authorized to do so when passing it on within and outside the company.

Careful handling of financial documents
We are all committed to complying with national and international accounting regulations. Our financial documents form the basis for the management of our business. They reflect the course of business and the relevant facts to the various stakeholders in an accurate and timely manner.

Protection of personal data
In cooperation with external data protection officers heyData, we create a form of comprehensible and transparent data protection advice for our employees and promote an understanding of information security in the form of web-based training programs, thus providing an accompanying value compass for all employees. Protecting the personal data entrusted to us by customers, contractual partners and employees is essential for us. We only use data for specific legitimate purposes that were defined at the time of collection. We document the collection, processing and use of personal data where legally required. We also comply with existing information, reporting and disclosure obligations towards supervisory authorities and data subjects. We ensure that we and our service providers use appropriate technical and organizational security measures, in particular to prevent unauthorized access and disclosure and to maintain the integrity and availability of data.

Protection of confidential information
We are committed to protecting files and data from unauthorized access. In addition, we choose passwords in accordance with the security guidelines, change them at regular intervals and do not pass them on. We ensure that no third parties or unauthorized persons can gain access to our data (electronic / paper) during our personal absence. We conduct our conversations with care to ensure that unauthorized third parties do not gain access. The confidential information transmitted is only used in a business context. Our knowledge and our information are the basis for the company's success.

The relationship between us and our suppliers, customers and business partners is based on mutual trust. This is reinforced by the shared values of the Code of Conduct and is intended to assist all parties involved in the handling of sensitive personal data and existing financial documents. Employees are required to protect our know-how and to keep confidential information relating to the company secret. Sensitive information must not be passed on to unauthorized persons. For us, practicing integrity in our company is of the utmost importance for our corporate culture. To make this possible, we expect our suppliers, customers and business partners to commit to implementing the values we live by and make them the basis for trusting, honest and economically successful cooperation. 

We and our Environment

We stand for ecologically and socially responsible corporate management and are aware of our role model function with regard to the factors of sustainable management. Efficient entrepreneurial activity requires our employees to be aware of their responsibility at all times and to observe the principles of ecological, social and ethical action and integrate them into daily business processes. The objective of ecological and social management can only be guided in the right direction by our employees, who must always observe our value compass and be supported by the guidelines of the Code of Conduct.

Environmentally conscious action
In our business activities, we focus on protecting the environment and want to act in a resource-efficient manner. We have made it our mission to use energy, water and raw materials sparingly and efficiently. This also applies to travel in connection with external events or customers. In cooperation with the company, we pursue an annual compensation of our CO2 emissions caused by business trips and transportation. We also want to drive forward digitalization in order to avoid the generation of additional waste materials and CO2 through efficient cloud and remote workplaces.

Social commitment
We also want to add value and make a contribution to our society in the social sphere and, as a signatory to the Diversity Charter, we play a key role in shaping a diverse society, thereby sending a signal about diversity in the workplace. The management acts as a role model to communicate an open, appreciative organizational culture and is clearly committed to the implementation and benefits of diversity in companies and society. Through our Managing Director Philipp Maier, we are a member of the "Versammlung Eines Ehrbaren Kaufmanns zu Hamburg" (VEEK), the largest value-oriented association in Germany, which has been in existence since 1517. Membership of the VEEK obliges us to adhere to its guiding principles, such as openness to the world, sustainable, honorable action and a commitment to freedom, social security and respect for human dignity. A clear stance against corruption, as well as loyal and considerate behavior towards other parties, completes VEEK's responsible attitude and is in line with our corporate culture. In order to continue to act responsibly in the areas of sustainability and social responsibility, we require all our employees and business partners to consistently adhere to our standards and values. Because only together can we strengthen the principles of ecological, social and ethical action in our organizational culture and represent them to the outside world. 

Closing Words

The combination of entrepreneurial activity and ethical principles is of great importance to us - it is one of the pillars of our success. Protecting and maintaining this reputation is a particular concern of ours. Our conduct and responsible management in accordance with the Code of Conduct ensure that we can continue to work and do business successfully in the future. The image and reputation of a company are shaped by the behavior of each individual. Unlawful behavior can cause considerable damage to a company. For this reason, all employees are required to comply with applicable laws and rules. By acting in accordance with our corporate culture, all of us at White Label Advisory, as well as our business partners, make a valuable contribution to this.

Thank you!

Version 1.3 | As of: 01.07.2023 

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