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White Label Advisory & Achilles

Purchase the best Consultancies - with Achilles!

Do you use Achilles as a procurement solution? No problem! With White Label Advisory and Achilles, you can use your existing procurement processes to purchase and manage the outstanding expertise of our curated consulting portfolio.

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Purchasing Professional Services with Achilles - and White Label Advisory

Achilles is a well-respected and widely used purchasing tool that is recognized as a leading supplier management solution in the global economy. The tool is developed and provided by Achilles Information Ltd, a company based in London, UK. The Achilles platform is designed to connect buyers and suppliers from different industries to improve the transparency and efficiency of the procurement process.

Achilles was founded in 1990 and has since grown into one of the world's largest and most respected networks for supplier management and procurement solutions. With over 800 customers in over 100 countries, Achilles has an impressive global presence. The platform supports more than 175,000 suppliers in various sectors, including oil and gas, construction, utilities, manufacturing and many more.

The main feature of Achilles is the central database for supplier information. This database contains detailed information on the listed suppliers, including their capabilities, products, services, certifications and proof of compliance. This extensive and structured knowledge enables buyers to find exactly the suppliers that meet their specific requirements. Achilles' sophisticated search function plays a crucial role in this. It allows users to refine their search based on various criteria such as industry, location, certifications and other aspects.

Achilles also offers a sophisticated evaluation and audit system. It enables buyers to assess the performance and compliance of their suppliers on a consistent and standardized basis. This system is not only used for quality control, but also helps to minimize risks, improve processes and ensure a sustainable supply chain.

One of the biggest advantages of Achilles is the possibility of direct communication between buyers and suppliers. Through the platform, users can easily obtain quotes, negotiate contracts and ensure efficient and transparent communication. It should be noted that Achilles strictly protects the communication and transactions between the parties to ensure the confidentiality and security of user data.

On the supplier side, Achilles offers a number of advantages. In addition to the opportunity to present their products and services to a broad and international audience, suppliers have the opportunity to strengthen their reputation through positive reviews and audit results. They can also benefit from the detailed reports and analysis that Achilles provides to monitor their performance and continuously improve their processes.

The Achilles platform is constantly updated and improved to meet the changing requirements of the market. The company attaches great importance to adhering to standards and best practices in terms of data protection, security and compliance. In addition, Achilles is ISO 27001 certified, which speaks for a high level of information security.

Overall, Achilles is an effective and comprehensive purchasing tool that revolutionizes the procurement process by creating a transparent and efficient environment. With its extensive database, sophisticated search and evaluation systems, extensive communication capabilities and adherence to high security standards, Achilles offers a valuable solution for companies looking to optimize their procurement processes and improve their supply chains. With its global presence and industry diversity, Achilles is an indispensable tool for companies of all sizes and industries around the world.



White Label Advisory has been listed on Achilles with its own supplier profile since January 2022. In addition to providing an overview of the entire range of consulting, technology, auditing and engineering advisory services in the curated advisor portfolio, White Label Advisory provides transparent information about the available advisory skills and price points. The listing of White Label Advisory at Achilles thus offers a unique opportunity to make high-quality consulting services catalogable and orderable online.

  • Hundreds of award-winning consulting firms - from strategy consultants to IT implementation experts
  • Seamless integration into the existing purchasing and billing processes of Achilles customers
  • Full transparency on price points, consulting skills and the commissioning process for services
  • Personal support in sharpening advisory needs and RfP documents through White Label Advisory

White Label Advisory is thus Germany's largest general consulting company that makes consulting services available for order on the Achilles platform. We work exclusively with excellent medium-sized consultancies. Achilles clients thus benefit from excellent consulting quality at standardized daily rates, a digital tendering and awarding process and consulting at eye level.

And it's that simple: Report your need for advice quickly and easily. Whether directly via Achilles, by e-mail, telephone or your own tendering platform. Receive free quotes from various consulting service providers based on standardized rate cards. Select the offer with the best price-performance ratio. 

White Label Advisory is Germany's largest general consulting firm. With our curated consulting portfolio, you will find the perfect expertise for your project. We are always at your side to challenge your existing suppliers, identify new providers or consolidate your professional services spend.

Are you currently looking for a consultancy? Do you need a second opinion on an existing offer? Or would you simply like to get in touch with us when it comes to engaging external IT or consulting services? Feel free to contact us at any time!

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