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Frequently Asked Questions & Training Videos for WLA.ONE

We provide transparent answers to the most frequently asked questions about the use of our brokerage platform WLA.ONE. If you can't find the information you're looking for, please contact us directly!

WLA.ONE Training Videos

WLA.ONE Training Videos

White Label Advisory makes tendering for consulting services easier than ever! Create a short project description in just a few steps and invite our curated consulting firms to bid - completely transparent, integrated into  existing procurement processes and tools - and always with a human touch. One click is all it takes. Watch our training videos to find out how to submit requirements and bids via WLA.ONE: 

WLA.ONE | Intro-Video

In this short intro video, you will learn all about the basic functionality of our WLA.ONE platform. How are requirements advertised? What options do advisors have to offer our clients in response to advertised requirements? For a more detailed view, we recommend our training videos for clients and advisors. 

WLA.ONE | for Advisor

In this training video for advisors, we present the functions and benefits of our WLA.ONE platform for advisors in detail. How can advisors submit bids digitally? How can resources and tender documents be offered in response to the respective tenders? What other functions does our platform offer? 

WLA.ONE | for Clients

In this training video for clients, we present the functions and benefits of our WLA.ONE platform for clients in detail. How can requirements be advertised? What information is required? What interfaces do we offer so that our service can also be used with existing purchasing processes? 

What are the advantages of upgrading to WLA.ONE | PRO?

What are the benefits of upgrading to WLA.ONE | PRO? In this video tutorial, you will find out what added value an upgrade to our WLA.ONE | PRO variant offers you and why consultants can realize their full sales potential with WLA.ONE | PRO. 

Where can you find RfPs and what is task management?

Where can you find RfPs and what is task management? In this video tutorial, you will learn how to navigate the WLA.ONE portal of White Label Advisory and how to get the fastest access to the advertised requirements. 

Where can I see the status of my offers?

Where can I view the status of my submitted bids on the platform? In this video tutorial, you will learn how to proceed after submitting a tender via WLA.ONE and how to be informed about the next steps in the award process as a consultant. 

How can other consultants be invited?

How can additional consultants be invited to WLA.ONE? In this video tutorial, you will learn how to invite additional employees to our platform and how to create them in the Manager or Staff roles. 

Where can information be updated online?

Where and how can information be updated on WLA.ONE? In this video tutorial, you will learn how personal and company information can be updated directly online on WLA.ONE and which data cannot be updated independently. 

How does the quotation process work?

How does tender preparation via WLA.ONE work? In this video tutorial, we show you the best tips & tricks for responding efficiently to a tender from our clients as a consultancy on our platform and submitting all essential tender information online. 


We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions from our users about working with our WLA.ONE platform in the following overview. We are also happy to offer individual questions or onboarding for new employees at any time after personal consultation. You are also welcome to use our chat for urgent questions - the White Label Advisory team is always available to help: 

General Questions


What is WLA.ONE?

How is the platform structured?

Which consulting requirements can be viewed?

How and where can I update my profile data?

What is WLA.ONE | PRO and what advantages does it offer consultants?

Registration & Roles


When and by whom will my account be activated?

How many users can be added under one Advisor account?

How can other users be invited to the WLA.ONE platform?

What roles are there on the platform?

Can I work together with several users on one mandate?

Offer Process


How can I submit an offer via WLA.ONE?

Can I offer advice for every need?

Do I have to submit my offer via WLA.ONE?

Which documents can I upload?

What happens after I submit my offer?

Team & CVs


Do the "team members" have to be initially maintained directly?

How can I add the "Team Members" to an offer submission?

Can my added "Team Members" submit offers independently?

How can "Team Members" use WLA.ONE via their respective account?

In which format should the consultant profiles be specified when preparing the offer?

Commercial Regulations


What are advisory service and advisor levels?

How are projects billed commercially to the client?

Is it possible to vary within the seniorities for a profile when submitting an offer?

Are special prices also possible when submitting a tender?

How are consulting services invoiced?

Advisor Marketplace


What is the "Advisor Marketplace"?

What can I use the "Advisor Marketplace" for?

How can I report my own requirements?

How much does it cost to submit a request via the "Advisor Marketplace"?

Will my post be visible to everyone on WLA.ONE?

Advisor Ecosystem


What is the "Advisor Ecosystem"?

What advantages do I have as an advisor through the "Advisor Ecosystem"?

How much do the offers in the "Advisor Ecosystem" cost?

How do I become an "Advisor Ecosystem" partner of White Label Advisory?

What is WLA.GPT and what advantages does AI offer in the quotation process?

Password & Security


How do I reset my password?

My log-in is not working, what do I have to do?

Is a shared account possible?

What other terms of use need to be observed?

Is the data I have provided secure?

We are your wingman in selling professional services. Together we find real new customers for your next project. Whether it's a strategy consultancy, IT service provider, auditing firm or engineering office: we are at your side to present you and your offer to our clients. Would you like to learn more about us in a personal meeting? I am looking forward to your appointment request!

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