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Download our free RFP Template for purchasing Professional Services!

Our free Word template for tendering consulting services provides you with the perfect structure for your next consulting RfP. On five compact pages and four clearly structured sections, we show you a best-practice template for providing essential information as part of a tender. We also provide tips and tricks to increase the quality of the consulting services you offer. Whether you need a management consultancy, IT service provider or engineering firm: with our template, you can ensure that you cover all the important points in your tendering processes from now on and thus minimize the risk of errors. This is because, in our experience working with clients and advisors, opportunities for a clear description of requirements are often missed or important premises of an award are not explained, particularly in the high-priced procurement of services. As a result, not only the quality of the award suffers. Operational problems and high costs can also arise in later project work. Our template therefore contains essential technical and commercial bullet points of a "Request for Proposal" and is available to all interested visitors to download free of charge. Want to find out more? Below we show you the Top 6 Do's & Dont's in the tendering of consulting services

6 tips for the perfect RFP!

The creation of tender documents is one of the most important tools in the procurement of consulting services. However, RfP documents or tender processes have often grown historically and are very rarely structurally adapted to the respective tender object. With the following 6 tips, we will show you which topics we believe definitely belong in the perfect tender for the procurement of consulting services. 

Delivery Results

What do you expect from the consultancy and by when? Are there any specifications regarding formats or critical milestones?

Relevant References

What are the relevance criteria for references to be submitted. And do you question the respective reference of the personnel offered.

Transparent Pricing

Define the basis on which prices are compared. Are travel expenses included? Do you expect performance-related payments?

Personal Skill Set

What personal skills and characteristics are important for the project team? What is crucial for the "personal fit"?

Commercial Framework

Make it clear what the expected maximum project scope is (in days or in euros) in addition to the start and end of an assignment.

Open Questions

For better comparability between providers, ask open questions: what is the project approach? What characterizes the team?

You should definitely avoid these 6 Mistakes!

The preparation of offers is familiar territory for consultancies. And of course they try to sell themselves and their services in the best possible way. However, our experience shows that the quality of the consulting services offered also depends heavily on the tender structure. The more clearly the client defines requirements and objectives - without excluding potential new providers - the higher the quality of the bids submitted. 

Short Deadlines

Depending on the complexity, give the consultants at least 14 days to formulate a high-quality offer.

Exemplary Staffing

Don't just ask for sample profiles. Without a specific staffing approach and project purpose, the quality of the offer will decrease.

Unclear Targets

Why are you looking for external support? As banal as it sounds - make clear what the goal of the consultation is for you.

Unrealistic Requirements

Do not exclude potential new service providers in advance due to overly specific requirements or prior knowledge.

No Q&A Process

Allow questions from suppliers to increase the quality of the offer - and structure the Q&A process.

Unclear Structure

A tender is more than just copying and pasting departmental requirements. Create a clear and comprehensible structure.

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