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Outstanding consulting expertise for the retail & e-commerce sector

White Label Advisory is your wingman in the procurement of professional services. With our curated consulting portfolio, you will find the perfect expertise for your project in the retail & e-commerce sector. Whether you are a strategy consultancy, IT service provider, auditor or engineering firm: we are at your side to achieve the best consulting result.

    The retail and e-commerce industry is a dynamic and far-reaching industry characterized by the buying and selling of goods and services via electronic systems such as the Internet and other computer networks. In 2022, global retail e-commerce sales were estimated to be around USD 5.4 trillion, with North America and Asia-Pacific taking the lead.

    In the DACH region and Europe, companies such as Zalando, Otto and the Schwarz Group (Lidl, Kaufland) play a leading role in retail and e-commerce. As a multinational technology giant, Amazon continues to dominate the European market, followed by companies such as eBay, ASOS and Tesco.

    The retail and e-commerce industry faces a number of challenges, including the constant need to keep pace with technological innovation, meet consumer expectations, differentiate in a highly competitive marketplace and meet the logistical challenges of online retail. External consultancies can help overcome these challenges by offering expertise in areas such as strategy development, operations management, technology integration, data analytics and customer experience.

    For example, one consulting firm helped a retailer improve its online presence by developing and implementing a comprehensive digital strategy that improved website usability, optimized search engine optimization and drove more effective online marketing. In another case, a consulting firm helped a retailer overhaul its warehouse and logistics processes to increase delivery speed and reduce operating costs. In a third case, a consulting firm helped a retailer conduct a detailed customer analysis to better understand what customers want and how best to serve them.

    Current trends in the retail and e-commerce industry include the evolution of omnichannel strategies, the increased use of data analytics and artificial intelligence to personalize the customer experience, the growing importance of sustainable business practices and the constant innovation in payment technologies. Consulting firms can help identify and leverage these trends to unlock new business opportunities, improve customer satisfaction and increase efficiency.

    In summary, external consultancies play a crucial role in the retail and e-commerce industry by helping to overcome challenges, improve efficiency, implement new technologies and practices and enhance customer satisfaction. With their expertise, experience and resources, they can make a significant contribution to strengthening the competitiveness and sustainability of companies in this important industry. 

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    As a client of White Label Advisory, you will find the best consultants for your project with us - real "hidden champions" away from the big consulting firms. Simply report your consulting needs, receive offers and carry out the project. Together we will find the perfect consultancy for your next project. Whether you need strategy consulting, IT services, auditing or engineering: we are at your side to achieve the best consulting result.

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