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Outstanding consulting expertise for the telecommunications industry

White Label Advisory is your wingman in the procurement of professional services. With our curated consulting portfolio, you will find the perfect expertise for your project in the telecommunications industry. Whether you are a strategy consultant, IT service provider, auditor or engineering firm: we are at your side to achieve the best consulting result.

    The telecommunications industry is a key industry that plays an essential role in our digitally networked world. It enables the transmission of information across distances, be it through telephone calls, data transmission, internet access or television. The industry consists of a large number of companies, including service providers, hardware and software manufacturers, media and entertainment companies and many others.

    According to the industry association Bitkom, sales in the telecommunications industry in Germany amounted to around 65.4 billion euros in 2022. In Switzerland, the industry recorded sales of around CHF 17 billion in the same year and in Austria it was around EUR 8 billion. The European market for telecommunications services as a whole was worth around 300 billion euros in 2021.

    In the DACH region, Deutsche Telekom, Vodafone and Telefonica Deutschland are the largest providers in Germany, while Swisscom and Sunrise UPC are the largest providers in Switzerland and A1 Telekom Austria and Magenta Telekom dominate the Austrian sector. At European level, Vodafone, Deutsche Telekom and Telefonica are the largest telecommunications companies.

    The telecommunications industry faces a number of challenges, including intense competition, technological change, regulatory requirements and the high investments required to expand and maintain network infrastructures. External consulting companies can help these companies to overcome these challenges by providing support in areas such as strategy development, project management, cost optimization and compliance with regulatory requirements.

    One example of consulting support could be the development of a strategy for the expansion of 5G networks that takes into account both technical and business aspects. Another possibility would be to support the implementation of digitalization projects, for example through the introduction of new IT systems or the optimization of business processes. A third example could be advice on regulatory issues, for example in connection with data protection or net neutrality.

    Current trends in the telecommunications industry include the expansion of 5G networks, the increasing importance of artificial intelligence and machine learning, the digitalization of business processes and the development of new business models in the course of the convergence of telecommunications, IT and media.

    In summary, the telecommunications industry is a dynamic and highly competitive sector that is making a decisive contribution to the digital transformation of the economy and society. With the right advice and support, telecommunications companies can strengthen their competitiveness, drive innovation and respond successfully to the challenges and opportunities presented by the digital transformation. 

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