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White Label Advisory is the first platform for the procurement and billing of excellent consulting companies. Find the best consultants for your project with us - guaranteed without freelancers.

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We pre-source the best consulting companies in advance. And create visibility about the most suitable service providers for you.


Find all offers of potential Advisors in one place - digitally and transparently. And always focused on the essential information.


Manage only one contract with standardized daily rates to reduce your supplier management and create financial predictability.

CV Harmonization

Standardized, hierarchy level, skills and CV formats make all profiles of our different consulting agencies comparable for you.

Project Steering

We also support you during the delivery phase and offer one central solution for controlling your projects with external support.


As a 1-creditor model, you receive a monthly collective invoice from White Label Advisory for all services provided.

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As a client, you receive excellent consulting quality from White Label Advisory at standardized daily rates. We make sure that none of your consulting needs remain uncovered. Try our free procurement channel for consulting services.

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As an Advisor with excellent track-record, you can bid on qualified leads at White Label Advisory. We ensure that your free consulting capacity is used in the best possible way. Try our free distribution channel for consulting services.

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Excellent Consulting Firms. Sourced & Delivered.

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Online Project Tender

Consulting RFPs made easy: create a precise project description in just a few steps - and request our advisors to submit a bid. One click is all it takes.

Independent support

Do you need support with you RFO? Or an independent preliminary assessment of your consulting needs? Feel free to contact us at any time and free of charge.

Full Transparency

Receive notification of incoming offers. Get in touch with our Advisors and choose the optimal provider at standardized prices.


Thanks to standardized resumes for all consultants, you get an optimal overall impression of the personnel offered by our Advisors. Professional and personal.

Project Responsibility

As a general contractor, we act as your legal contact and are committed to your success. Together with our Advisors, we thus ensure optimal results.

Service Accounting

You can concentrate fully on the success of the project. We ensure uniform performance records and monthly invoicing on a time x material basis.

Optimize your purchase-to-pay process in consulting purchasing. Save up to 3x as much effort with White Label Advisory compared to conventional buying processes - without sacrificing consulting quality!

Sie möchten mehr darüber erfahren, wie Sie mit White Label Advisory den Aufwand im Sourcing & Delivery von Beratungsleistungen nachhaltig reduzieren können? Mit unserem Prozesskosten-Rechner können Sie einfach und unverbindlich Ihr individuelles Einsparpotential berechnen!

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What others say about us

Christoph Ufer
Head of Central Procurement | Sparkassenverlag

"External expertise must be provided on an equal footing at reasonable daily rates. Then both purchasing and the specialist department are happy."

Jonas Pieper
Manager Digital | Porsche

"Performance and quality are what counts when working with consultancies. White Label Advisory's "quality leadership" approach therefore fits the bill."

Alexander Scherpf
Senior Digital Consultant | Mercedes-Benz

"Specialist expertise available at short notice is more important today than ever before: White Label Advisory offers the perfect building block in service purchasing."

How can we support you?

We identify and pre-source well-established project teams or individual consultants from our affiliated and renowned consulting companies in the advisory services Consulting, Technology, Auditing or Engineering.

Training, rough conception, workshop series or large-scale project; only White Label Advisory offers the procurement and billing of four central consulting expertise from a single source - and that for as little as 1 person-day.

Management consultancies


Whether innovation and growth topics, digitalization, cost optimization or agile transformation. Our award-winning Consulting Advisors support you with their expertise.

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IT service providers


Whether IT governance & IT architecture, cyber security, UX / UI design or agile software development. Our award-winning Technology Advisors support you with their expertise.

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Law firms and auditors


Whether corporate accounting, data protection topics, M&A and insolvency issues or IT and contract law. Our excellent Auditing Advisors support you with their expertise.

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Technology consultancies


Whether process optimization, lean operations, robotics, big data or questions about electrical and automotive engineering. Our excellent Engineering Advisors support you with their expertise.

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Which Consultancies are in our Portfolio?

Our advisors stand for quality: all potential advisors in our advisory network are screened along four dimensions before being activated. In addition, we conduct personal interviews with each advisor prior to an admission in order to offer our clients the best possible provider diversity and quality.

You do not buy "a pig in a poke". We harmonize framework contract and daily rates, but thanks to standardized CVs incl. company and personal name, you know exactly who is offered to you with which skillset. We work without ciphers or allocation algorithms: all participants interact directly with each other on our platform.

"The leading German procurement and transformation consultancy with depth and international food-print. Awarded among others as Hidden Champion of Consulting in the categories "Transformation" and "Purchasing & Procurement" 2020 & 2018, as well as "Business Excellence" 2012."

The leading purchasing consultancy

"The consultancy specializes in data analytics, among other things, and uses data, algorithms and machine learning to create valuable insights, presentations and services. Among other things, they have already been named a Top Company and are involved in the Hamburg Software Alliance."

Data Science as a Service
Engineering | Technology

"International and partner-led management consultancy that supports its clients in the areas of digitalization, growth, value enhancement and transactions. Awarded, among others, by Wirtschaftswoche with the "Best of Consulting" Award in the areas of "Strategy" and "Operations" in 2019."

From strategy to implementation

"Strategy consulting that combines targeted analyses with innovativeness, creativity and industry expertise to develop tailored solutions. Awarded, among other things, as a top employer as well as a partner of the network "Digitalisierung umsetzen"."

The Think Tank Consultancy

"The partner for pragmatic, agile and competent implementation with a focus on project management, digitalization and transformation. Awarded as a top employer and very active in the continuous training and development of its employees."

Consulting for digital transformation

"One of the leading German consultancies for digital transformation. An interplay of a young and innovative team that nevertheless draws on many years of experience at various DAX-30 companies. Awarded as Kununu Top & Open Company, among others."

Consulting in fast & creative

"The sparring partner for consulting on commercial planning processes. With the help of software solutions, company data is made more transparent and hidden costs are saved. Nominated for the "Digital Future Award" and cooperation partner of sevDesk and Domonda."

The business sparring partner

"Comprehensive and individual solutions in the fields of digitalization, change, portfolio and project management, and the transformation of entire IT organizations. Awarded, among others, as a Top & Open Company and by Focus as a Top Medium-Sized Company."

IT Consulting - Make it simple
Technology | Consulting

"Owner-managed, medium-sized team of experts with a consulting focus on agile transformation and holistic change processes. Establishment of an "Agile University" with freely available content, as well as involvement with the Wirtschaftsjunioren Deutschland."

Partner for agile transformation

"Consulting partner to global industry leaders with a passion for technology. Supports the development of products, provision of digital services and acceleration of innovations. Awarded several times as "Best Consultant" and "Top Employer", among others."

Digital Center of Excellence

"The technology group that advises and supports companies and organizations in their individual, digital transformation with passion and innovative spirit. The consultancy has already been named an Open Company by Kununu, among others."

The Digital Company
Technology | Consulting

"Consulting with modern methodology to innovatively digitize and optimize complex processes. In addition to classic consulting, the company cooperates with the University of Applied Sciences Konstanz for various research assignments in the context of digitalization."

The process innovators

"The expert bringing blockchain to business. This specialized consultancy supports companies from key industries with consulting and development capabilities related to blockchain technology. Awarded the "Innovative through Research" seal of approval, among others."

The Block Chain Understanders
Technology | Consulting

"Medium-sized management consultancy from strategy to implementation with many years of experience in the areas of transformation, restructuring, innovation and digitalization. Additional expertise in venture capital and cooperation with start-ups. "

For security in uncertain times
Consulting | Technology

"The consulting boutique around all topics of product creation. Technical, industry and consulting competencies are combined with professional change management. Awarded among others as Top & Open Company as well as "Top Consultant" 2016 and 2019."

The irreversible-good advice

"Engineering company with consulting and training expertise, as well as patented fiber composite solutions. Expertise from design and mold construction to material testing. Multiple awards, including the JEC Composites "Innovation Award" and the AVK Innovation Award."

Engineering, Bespoke, Simplicity

"New Work & Digital Experience Consulting supports targeted communication in organizations, as well as the implementation and professionalization of successful digital brand communication. Regular lectures at the University of Freiburg on the topic of New Work."

The New Work Impulses

"One of the leading international consultancies for change management and sustainable change management. Already awarded numerous prizes including "Hidden Champion of Consulting" 2020/21, "Great Place To Work" 2020 and Brandeins "Best Consultants" 2019."

The Change Manager

"Consulting boutique specialized in artificial intelligence, offering innovative concepts and solutions. With the help of own development competencies and machine learning approaches, the company productivity and effectiveness is increased and continuously developed."

Machine Learning for and by Heroes

"Specialized full-service provider in the area of digital process solutions and training. As Atlassian Solution Partner Enterprise, a broad repertoire of tools, methods and applications is contributed from the conception to the implementation of projects."

The specialists for process solutions
Consulting | Technology

"One of the leading independent appraisal and consulting firms for business software and IT systems in medium-sized companies. Relevant expertise in the topics and selection of ERP system, CRM, DMS, MES and also a member of the Bundesfachverband der IT-Selbstständigen und -Gutachter e.V., among others."

Neutral software expertise

"Specialized data protection consulting that stands for practice-oriented, digital and holistic implementation of data protection requirements for companies. Certified by TÜV and DEKRA and awarded "Top Recommendation" and "Top Service Provider" 2020 by Proven-Experts."

360° data protection
Consulting | Auditing

"Owner-managed consultancy for brand and corporate strategies that accompanies leading companies in their digital transformation and supports their long-term goals with clear strategies and fixed success metrics. Awarded as Top & Open Company by Kununu, among others."

Brand & Business Strategists

"The specialist for agile and classic project and change management for the successful support of IT projects. The focus is on digitization and the optimization of the IT infrastructure. Awarded, among others, as Kununu Top & Open Company as well as certified Scrum Master."

Consulting for the digital future

"Specialist with consulting and software expertise for the integration of business processes and IT applications in EAI or EDI scenarios. Development of our own system integration software as a modern data hub. Awarded among others as SAP partner."

The EDI and eBusiness specialists

"Consulting boutique with focus on business processes, targeted workshop measures, human-centered innovations and classic project management support. Cooperation with the Hasso Plattner Institute on the topic of design thinking and change management."

The human being in the center

"Industry-independent and implementation-oriented management consultancy with a focus on process optimization, sourcing, sustainability, renewables, digitalization and digital mobility. In 2018, among others, awarded the "German Excellence Award", as well as Kununu Top & Open Company."

Make Visions Work

"The partner and solution finder for all aspects of mobile working, IT strategy development, IT project support, rollout projects, IT sourcing and IT security. Awarded as Matrix42 Competence Silver Partner, a tool for highly integrative workplace management."

People Love IT
Consulting | Technology

"Established for over 30 years as a management consultancy with strong implementation capabilities and a specialist in transformation consulting between business and IT. Awarded among others as Top & Open Company as well as several times in the years 2018 to 2020 among the "Best Consultants" of Brandeins."

Consulting between Business & IT

"The leading consulting firm for efficient production, adaptive supply chain and industrial digitalization. Over 14 times awarded, among others several times in a row as "Hidden Champion of Consulting" in the field of "Engineering & Production", as well as part of the "Best Consultants" of Brandeins."

Building Industrial Future

"Powerful team with expertise in auditing, tax consulting and management consulting. Focus on accounting-related business consulting. 2020 awarded "Best Tax Consultants & Auditors" by Brandeins, among others."

Solution-oriented. Anticipating. Consulting.

"International team of experts in the field of information security and cyber security solutions. Areas of focus include Identity and Access Management, Cyber Threat Intelligence, Penetration and Red Team Testing, and Corporate Crisis and Major Incident Management. "

The cyber security experts

"The performance trainer for effectively increasing production and company performance. Unique interplay of company-owned problem-solving expertise, common goal alignment and daily routine. Awarded and certified with the Six Sigma Black Belt, among others."

Making Performance a Habit

"The leading European management and technology consultant for digitalization, digital transformation and software development. Over 20 times awarded as Kununu Top & Open Company, Great Place To Work and several times "Best Consultant" & "Best IT Service Provider" by Brandeins."

Top5 EU IT Service Companies
Technology | Consulting

"The international management consultancy accompanies companies and brands in customer-oriented transformations. Awarded among others as "Hidden Champion of Consulting" in the field of "Retail Performance Management", part of the Financial Times 1.000 as well as several times as "Best Consultant" by Brandeins."

100% Customer Experience

"Management consulting specialized in the energy transition. It helps companies to meet the challenges of the energy transition and to develop the company further. To support this, the company has developed its own analytics and controlling software."

For the energy industry of the future

"Strategic & technical idea provider as well as strong implementation technology supplier for agencies & companies to conquer digital business fields. Services from strategy development, web development to support. Lectureship at the University of Europe for Applied Sciences."

The digitization professionals

"Internationally active technology consulting boutique for the development of individual software and IoT system components for a wide range of companies. Focus on smart integration in complex infrastructures with own prototype suite."

The digital prototyper
Technology | Consulting

"Digital pioneer - professional with internet services on the market since 1996. Experienced team with programming, media design, fontend and project management expertise. One of Hamburg's leading TYPO3 agencies and founder of TUGHH, the TYP03 Usergroup in Hamburg. "

Creative specialists with "nerd gene"

"Experienced technology service provider that helps companies with digitization and develops products responsibly, credibly reconciling sustainability and technological progress. Awarded as Top Company by Kununu, among others. "

Software for Future

"Leading experts in evolution design and specialized in sustainable brands and adaptive organizations. Tools and techniques developed in-house to actively shape the entrepreneurial future in terms of evolution."

Evolution on Purpose

"IT service provider with over 30 years of experience in projects of various kinds. Competent partner for IT consulting, DSGVO-compliant websites thanks to innovative data protection software, software development and mediation between specialist department and IT experts."

IT solutions for more success

"Innovative management consulting around the topics of purchasing, value analysis, supply chain, and product cost optimization, rethinking the interaction of technology, purchasing, and suppliers. BVMW certified partner in the consultant network of medium-sized businesses."

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