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About White Label Advisory

What drives us? The future of consulting!

Only at White Label Advisory you will find the best consulting services from a single source. Together with our clients, we break new ground in the procurement and distribution of consulting services.

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Our Vision & Mission

Our vision

"We provide transparent, competency-driven, sustainable and technology-enabled guidance to companies to make employees, projects and organizations better."

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Our Mission

"We achieve our vision on a daily basis by matching and billing the most appropriate consultants from the best consultancy firms at standardized rates through our platform."

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What does White Label Advisory stand for?

We are Authentic

Just as we stand for real consultations, real needs and "no bullshit", we also stand by our word. Always unadulterated, honest - sometimes hanseatically reserved. But always genuine.

We Act Fairly

As a Hamburg-based company, we see ourselves not only as a startup, but also as honorable businessmen. We act fairly - from registration to billing.

We Think New

Procuring and selling consulting services from the address books of buyers and partners is not our thing. We believe in digital solutions.

We Deliver Quality

We separate the wheat from the chaff. And we only grant access to our platform to those consultancies whose delivery and performance we are personally convinced of.

Bye Bye 90s Consulting

Due to the opportunities of digitalization and social change, established sales and procurement channels of "90s consulting" are being abandoned and the procurement and billing of consulting is being rethought along the internally developed "4Ys of consulting of the future".



We show the diversity of the consulting market and make prices, hierarchy levels and skill requirements transparent. We say: Bye-bye daily rate uncertainty.



We make consulting more environmentally friendly and more compatible with family life by reducing travel expenses. We say bye-bye Monday morning 6:30 a.m. plane.



We put experience, qualifications, and social skills at the center of consulting contracting services. We say: Bye-bye hairdressing of advisor CVs.



We're digitizing the brokerage and billing of consulting services. We say: Bye-bye RfPs in Word format and nightly PowerPoint battles.

The Idea & the Founding Team

As former consultants at top medium-sized consultancies, our founders have experienced it themselves: Lack of or wrong expertise. Intransparent tendering and award processes. Complex price and contract structures. In short: Purchasing and sales of consulting services as they were 30 years ago. The paths taken by "90s consulting" should be abandoned and the procurement and billing of consulting should be rethought.

Instead of starting their own consultancy, "the two Philipps" decided to create something new for consultancies and the purchase of consultancy services at the end of 2018. With a focus on sourcing and billing excellent consulting firms, White Label Advisory offers a unique service across Europe to match the best consultants with companies of all sizes and industries.

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Philipp Maier

Co-Founder & CEO

Born 1988 in Hamburg. Business economist and innovative thinker with more than 10 years of professional & consulting experience in the IT management & controlling environment. At White Label Advisory especially responsible for the acquisition of the best consultancies.

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Philipp Weber

Co-Founder & CEO

Born 1985 in Bremen. Lawyer and sleeve-crimper with more than 8 years of professional & consulting experience in IT implementation and digitization projects. At White Label Advisory especially responsible for the realization of optimal project results.

Sustainability, Diversity & Fairness

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